The Energy Policy Blog was born out of necessity. In recent years, we’ve seen a ton of new energy companies popping up all over the place. Not only energy companies, but also intermediate companies that are acting effective comparison sites that can switch your energy bills over within minutes, and have you on a lower tariff than before. And with all these companies arriving on the market, it’s important that someone checks on these companies, as well as the big suppliers, to make sure that they’re all legit.

And so this website was born, to help you decide how you should change your energy supplier – if that’s even necessary in the first place. The truth is that most people can save money on their current energy bill, but for some people, you might have already found the perfect deal.

It’s our mission to look at all of the big energy companies to see how they’re doing, and if they’re following all the correct policies. This way, you can be confident with them installing a smart meter in your home and lowering your costs.

Steve P

Energy Policy Blog Owner

Long time energy company drone turned independent website owner keeping an eye on the UK’s energy market.