What is the most economical way to use central heating?

What is the most economical way to use central heating?

When it comes to using the central heating in your home, many people want to limit the hours they turn it on. This can be for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s to help the environment by limiting your energy usage or more commonly, to reduce your energy bills at the end of each … Read more


Boost Energy Review | A good choice for PAYG customers?

Aside from maybe Utilita Energy, there aren’t that many suppliers out there that specialize in Pay As You Go energy. This is surprising, as there’s always demand for PAYG energy from landlords and other occasional residents. One supplier that does specialise in this type of energy is Boost, who use a smart PAYG system that … Read more


Gas and electricity quotes for first-time buyers

If you’ve just purchased your first home, congratulations! You’re about to embark on a long journey that hopefully turns out to be very fruitful for you. One of the biggest bills you’ll need to take care of as a homeowner, as well as your council tax and water rates, are your gas and electricity bills. … Read more


How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

When you’re thinking about switching to a cheaper energy supplier, then you have a few different options – more than 100, to be precise. The good news is that the process is generally pretty seamless with all suppliers, and it won’t be long before you’ve switched over to your new deal. But just how long … Read more


iSupply Energy Review | What’s happened to iSupply?

When you’re looking for a new energy deal, then the amount of different suppliers out there can be a little overwhelming. There’s more than 170+ different suppliers to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one of these would suit your needs best. One of these companies is iSupply, who have been … Read more

Are there any gas and electricity discounts for disabled people?

Getting the right gas and electricity setup in your home isn’t easy, as there are plenty of different companies out there to choose from. For those suffering from a disability, this can be even harder, which is why many people end up looking to see whether there’s any help or discounts available. Though the truth … Read more

Gas m3 to kWh – How to convert your usage

Knowing how much gas you’re using each month has become easier with the introduction of smart meters, which have the ability to read both your gas and electricity usage. If you’ve got one of these, then you should be able to see your gas usage in kWh, as well as an accurate estimation of your … Read more


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