What are the best energy deals for pensioners?

Energy rates are just going up and up over the past few years, and since 2020, they’ve increased at an even faster rate. This can be worrying for many of us, none more so than pensioners who may already have a strict budget in place – knowing you have to pay 50 or even 100% … Read more


How much gas should I be using? – Monthly estimations

Your gas and electric bill can be one of the most expensive parts of living. When yopu add it on top of your rent, council tax and everything else, then things can get a little overwhelming. But how much should you be spending on your gas and electricity each month? And how much energy should … Read more


Average Gas and Electricity Bill for a Four Bedroom House

If you’re living in a four bedroom house, then you’re going to have to face higher electricity and gas prices than the average. This is typical, as you’ll probably ending up using more energy than those in smaller houses. But just how much should your electricity and gas bill work out to be each month … Read more

Who are the UK’s remaining Economy 10 suppliers?

We’re all looking for ways to save money on our energy bill. And with the wholesale price of energy increasing, it’s easy to see why – they’ve shot up in recent years. One way that some people suggest you can save some money on your energy bills is by switching over to an Economy 10 … Read more


Average Gas and Electricity Bill for a Three Bedroom House

When we’re talking about the average costs for your electricity and gas bill, then this will often reflect a three bed property, which is what many averages are based on. However, it can be a little difficult to work out exactly what the averages are, especially since there are so many flats being built nowadays. … Read more


The ScottishPower Energy People Trust is no more

The Energy People Trust was an independent charity focused on alleviating fuel poverty whose principal funder is ScottishPower.¬†ScottishPower are one of the original members of the “big six” energy suppliers, along with British Gas, EDF Energy, SSE, E.ON and Npower, who have since been bought out by E.ON, giving us a big five instead. ScottishPower … Read more

Setting up gas and electricity for the first time: A guide

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, then you’re going to want to get all of your bills in order as soon as possible. Doing this can ensure that not only will you have your own bills in order, but it can also help to confirm that there’s no problems with the person … Read more


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